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Nov 25, 2018
We will try to review all applications as soon as possible. If we don’t happen to get to it right away please be patient and do not bug staff members to review it. If you do this will decrease your chances of being Accepted. Do not bump your application or keep applying, we will review it when we have a chance. If your application is rejected re-apply if you wish in around 1 month time from the rejected application or wait until a staff member recommends you apply again. Note that if you lie on any part of your application, you reduce your chances heavily (this includes your age/ GMT/ Bans etc - We can check.)

First Name:


Discord Name & tag:


Current Rank:

Which platform do you use (twitch/youtube):

How many followers/subscribers do you have?

How many viewers adverage?

Have you ever been banned before?

Your twitch/youtube link - attach proof of ownership (if possible):

Anything else?