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Nov 25, 2018
Hello, if you are reading this then it means you are planning on applying, please make sure you take all these tips into account before you apply.

What not to say:
In your application please do not say anything along the lines of "Thank you for taking the time to read this application", "Hello, thank you for reading my application i hope you enjoy", doing so could make your application chances lower than normal, we don't need to be thanked - as polite as it is.

Staff Rules:
By applying to staff you agree to follow the staff rules, such as:
- Do not attempt to grief the server,
- Do not false ban (purposefully),
- Do not hackusate,
- Because you are staff doesn't mean you are better than everyone and rule the server,
- You must listen to the higher staff,
- Do not abuse your perms,
- Do not spam asking for op or promotions (do not be power hungry),
- Do not swear at players,
- Do not be rude to other players - you are there to help,
- Only trade legit items not items you got from creative mode (if you have creative mode),
- If you have console do not download files and leak them,
- If you have console do not delete the files or add people to console.

Once you have applied please don't do the following:
- Don't ask staff to review your application,
- Don't tell people to go rate your application,
- Don't invite people to the staff discord (if you get accepted),
- Don't start getting angry with staff if you get denied, you can apply again in a week.

Good luck applying,


- Alex
Not open for further replies.